Flip Schulke’s photograph of boxing legend Muhammad Ali standing in a swimming pool is probably one of the most impressive  underwater images ever taken.  But, can that iconic photography concept be used to promote the beautiful tourist attract in Nigeria?

Bauchi State Yankari Games Reserve located in Nigeria, is truly a unique and very beautiful place to visit.  The Yankari National Park is the premier game reserve in Nigeria. Yankari Park and Wikki Warm Springs are located around the Gagi River, approximately 1, 1/2 hours by road, southeast of Bauchi Town. The beauty and size of The Yankari Game Reserve make it the most pop­ular reserve in Nigeria.


In a quest to prove a well deserved point the KJV team, an acronym for Kureng the chief photographer, Jaru the Make-Up-Artist supreme and Vera the principal model, got engaged and headed down to the awesome Yankari National Park with other team members such as Lee Davou, 98Photography, Akinnawo Blossom, Harris Abraham and Hope Daniels. The main aim or purpose of the photoshoot, was to showcased that the Northern part of Nigeria which is normally not included in so many travel wish list is actually not a war zone.


This is impressive being the first underwater project for the team.




Model – Shima Abraham (Vera)
Photos by KurengWorkx Photography