Kyuni Entertainment Group artist Franklyn Patrick Kasim, popularly known as Eff’Ell reveres and respects the power of his chosen art form. The rapper, songwriter and producer recognized music’s impact at a very young age, treasuring it as a gift. For Eff’Ell, music became about inciting physical, emotional, and spiritual change with nothing more than a beat, a melody, and a smile. He’s a student of Kaduna State University studying mathematics.


“I started making music so I could help put everyone at ease,” he says. “Each Sunday that I go to church, people were crying, praying, and repenting. My creativity had to be sharp to consistently come up with songs on the spot that reflected the emotion of their situations. I had a responsibility early on, and I realized music could make you cry, make you dance, or even change your life.”

After Officially signing to KYUNI Records in 2013; managed by his Mum, Mrs Martha Kasim. He quickly developed a fervent following online. A flood of booking requests came in from around the country, and his statistics began to skyrocket. Fulfilling his fans’ appetite.


Eff’ell, known for his seismic performance delivery at concerts/events nationwide, the mainstream wholeheartedly embraced his undeniable and uplifting invigorating hip-hop, and inspiring lyricism.

He goes on, “I wanted to earn respect as an artist from the world before I proclaim this triumphant message. I wanted to give everybody an introduction to who I am. I’ve got a beautiful story to tell. There have been struggles, and there have been victories. The whole time, there was always a song to reach out to the unreached. ”

Eff’Ell affirms, “I’m like a refresh button. I’m here to turn the tables. It’s about quality music, and it has to be distinguished, strong, and absolute.”


His philosophy defines his songs. In order to convey his own cohesive vision. He grabs the mic for truly pensive, passionate, and poetic bars on “Adamu”, His raps build into a thought-provoking statement declaring,  This isn’t just a cry for a change in music but in culture at large, and he’s not afraid to let it out–loud.

Eff’Ell nods to his hip-hop influences like Lacrea, Da truth, Andy Mineo, Shobaraka, trip lee, Mali music and tye tribett with intricate and irresistible rapping.

“I’ve got something I need to share,” he asserts. “There’s a deeper message. It’s the heart of everything I do, and I want to get that to everyone possible. That’s the ultimate goal.”
Encompassing this enigmatic and enlightening artist. “My music is the real deal,” he goes on. “I believe everyone with a beating heart will be able to find themselves in some part of it.
With his dedication and vision, encapsulating his journey up to this point. he’s about to tap into music’s power like never before. “I want to inspire others to inspire,” he concludes. “It’s not just about surviving, having fun, doing what you do to settle your bills, and calling that life. It’s about living, thriving, and prospering. It’s about following those pure and innate impulses to realize your full potential. I hope I can be the key to unlock that in somebody listening.



  • Best hip hop song in 2015’s GOM Awards (Gospel Lite Awards )
  • Artist of the year in Selah Awards Kaduna 2015( SEA)
  • Recently got a 1yr endorsement deal with Pivon Republic Collection- Clothing line.
  • Nominations in several awards at the moment.

Check Out his recent Songs below:

  1. Adamu

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2. J.O.E

Download J.O.E

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3. We Balling Ft. School

Download We Balling

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4. Free Ft Joy

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5. Kwat


6. I’m Blessed


7. Addu’a


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