“Veni, Vidi, Vici” translated as “I came; I saw; I conquered” is a Latin phrase which reportedly originates from a letter that Julius Caesar wrote to the Roman Senate after achieving victory in his short war against Pharnaces II of Pontus.

We are certain that if Al”Chaddas were alive today, those same words will summarize his letter to us (his family, friends, fans, the music industry, the entire country, Africa and the diaspora) because he was VICTORIOUS despite the number of years he spent with us.

“Al’Chaddas Lives On” is yet another collaborated tribute song by Nigeria’s prolific Artistes, Priceless, Cloud9, Rol D, Barry Mayne, Vayne and Mixer. Produced by Mixer.

This song reminds us that legends don’t die but live forever. Few weeks after, we are still celebrating the great proponent of the indigenous rap music genre, Al’Chaddas.

As you enjoy this emotional cum inspiring tune, let us remember A. Sachs’ popular saying “…everyone dies but not everyone lives.”

Al’Chaddas Lives On!!!