Different people, different hustles, different tribes, different locations. In the quest for survival, some got stuck in a box, some allowed themselves to be intimidated, some are kings in their comfort zones, some stopped by the way side and decided to give up while some have hope & faith that with determination, resilience, hardwork and patience, they can change the World making it a better place for many generations to come. It all starts from these streets. Al’Chaddas remains an inspiration to so many youths on the street hustling for a better tomorrow.

It was with heavy hearts that this song was recorded a few weeks after Al’Chaddas passed.  As a sign of respect to eulogise the fallen hero.

Bugzy Black, Jael J and Ruddapoet came together to lace this heart felt song titled “There Where You Are”.





(Bugzy Black)

“Ever wondered how to balance, burying partners climbing ladders, heavenly father this is harder and sadder give me power/ what is the meaning of time?/ what is the meaning of life?/ let’s show love without time/ and find our purpose in life/”



Dear friend you

Inspire me

For the love you show

For your your family and friends alike

Now you’re gone am crying


So let your muse

Speak to me in sounds

And move my pen

To write your thoughts and words and

Speak to all who loved and cheered you.



Where ever you are

Know we love you

Where ever you are

Pray for us too

Where ever you are

Know we miss you…



Dear Brother!

Too soon ago your sun was our path,

It witnessed our stories have this bath.

Our stars crossed on this earthly skies,

leaving memories even tears tried to price.

You taught us well how to spell with our pens,

Hustle, Music, Support, and now Pain?

Too soon ago your voice was our word,

It echoed to represent the sun we should be,

This story is now a rippling sea flooding with you

fading into the cloud of our dreams

but still living deep in our hearts

even as I feel you and I are apart.

Too soon ago you were that Igbo-Jos boy

you had dope bars  in your castle walls.

We hear you now running away,

too soon ago brother you wanted to get there.

So long brother, we pray for your journey.