God’s time is the best is a popular saying in this part of the world; some are quick to invoke this phrase when faced with life’s sometimes unbearable disappointments. But not everybody’s lifestyle depicts a firm believer in the phrase. As a kind of shortcut to success, people tend to cut corners to get what they want, no matter whose ox is gored.


As humans, we expect things to happen immediately we wish for it, in many cases, we have had to settle for less, or more, only if one is wise enough to decipher.

Derek Chime (Nigerian), started doing music in 2008, he has so far dropped many hit songs that got massive recognition in Africa. Few includes “The Anthem produced by Bauckz (one of his producers/sound engineer), “Shut It Down” produced by Bauckz.

Derek Chime is a rapper that has been around for so long, and fortunately, he is still around to tell his story; he has had ups and downs in the industry and now is the time to reap the fruit of his labour.

Ostensibly, Derek Chime is a patient guy, an essential individual quality which majority of us lack; we want to sow and reap on the same day, forgetting that it takes lots of rain and sunshine, before a crop matures for harvest. Perseverance is an important habit one has to imbibe, especially in Nigeria. Patience they say is a virtue.

Another vital lesson to learn from this rapper is that, he never for once, incommoded himself about the success of his contemporaries. His close pals recorded hits upon hits, while he languished in the background. Honestly, that must have been a bitter pill to swallow, but yet, he didn’t shake a bit or act in any way that could make people impute him with envy.

Such experience would make a man chafe or perhaps, give up on his career out rightly, but he kept his guards and marched on. More so, younger rappers came and got big breaks almost immediately, but yet he was unfettered.

In actual fact, waiting for God’s time sometimes, requires some intelligent observation of oneself, more like self awareness. Questions like “am I doing the right thing?” or “am I not as good as I think?” should constantly reverberate in one’s mind, there has to be a form of self assessment to get the true picture.


Derek Chime, discovered his strong point in music and worked on it judiciously. Many people often chase the unachievable, while ignoring the strength and opportunities within, just like in the book Acres of Diamonds. By utilizing his emotional intelligence and self awareness, Derek Chime discovered he could actually perform better in English rather than strain himself following the trend of indigenous Nigerian rappers. He wants to be outstanding(He is) and he doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his versatility and ability to switch flows, rhyme patterns, progressions, content and delivery.

A veteran rapper, who has defied several, advises, to change style and re-route his pattern of music in order to achieve commercial success could tap from this aforementioned idea, or what is the essence of spending your life on a career that can’t guarantee full financial returns. If it’s not making money it is not making sense!

Not trying to over emphasize his artistry qualities and humility, Derek Chime appears to be a very good team player, with the way he features artistes on his track, he probably understands that two good heads are better. He has trained quite a number of renowned music producers and artistes that are making waves right now in Nigeria, this guy knows too well.

Indeed, Derek Chime deserves the attention he is getting from the crowd, his story is worth learning from. He dropped his #MindOverMatterLP yesterday 8th June 2017. Check it out on all Music streaming platforms.


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