Nigeria’s news and entertainment online platform, JtownConnect has written an open apology letter for publishing the rumour that Plateau State Polytechnic rector, Mr Dauda Gyemang was death.
Hello to the prestigious heads on the Plateau, with sincere apologies, we regret to have published such news about the Plateau State Polytechnic rector, Mr Dauda Gyemang whom we reported to have passed on yesterday after rumors surfaced online.
The news broke not just the internet but the entire State causing panic and fear among friends, family and well wishers.
2hours after the news spreaded, we confirmed that the rumors were false, the Rector, Mr Dauda Gyemang also debunked the death rumor via Viewpointnigeria where he asked the general public to disregard such information as he is well, strong, hail and hearty.
We publishing such kind of news is the greatest mistake ever done on our prestigious platform. Just like one of our readers tagged it “IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM”

The complicating issue here is this; in one of the paragraph View Point Nigeria used was that JTownConnect Nigeria reported that the rector was dead.
You may read here
NOTE: we published his death rumor and NOT that he was dead (these are two different things entirely), you may read what we published here
We feel sorry for that, and wish the rector a long life.