Peer Pressure dropped its debut musical project, an EP titled ‘Wilson 99’. The project is a blend of soulful, mid tempo hip hop and afro pop sound with production primarily handled by ace producer, SizzlePRO, along with others such as Teeno and Chocolate City artiste and producer, CKay. The project features talented artistes like MonLee and the Soul Rhythm singer, Dorothy.
Peer pressure is a rap duo comprising of Femi “Vontrap” Fadiya and Yusuf “Fist” Dawaki. It was formed in 2016, though they had been making music together since 2007. The duo had been planning a joint project for a while, and in 2016 this became a reality and Peer Pressure was born. After finishing their National Youth Service in April 2016, they returned to Kaduna, their home base, and immediately went to the studio, and remained there for a week, writing and recording the EP.
PP W99 - Back
The EP derives its title from where they first met, Wilson Preparatory School, in the year 1999. It’s a story of friendship and growth. Capturing a little aspect of happenings and changes between then and now (1999-2016).

The project is a musical delight as the duo masterfully crafted lyrics with technical rhyme patterns, flow and delivery over spellbinding instrumentals with solid content that will undoubtedly inspire, encourage and soothe listeners.

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