Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has reacted to the controversial grazing bill. In an Instagram post today, he shared the photo above with a caption that reads;


‘I love my country… a country where cows make it into the constitution before the physically challenged. Wow! This grazing bill just upsets me on all levels. And that we are even discussing it, while the herdsmen, who attacked owners of the farms that were destroyed, are yet to be brought to book just speaks volumes’.


‘When are we going to see that our priorities are misplaced? That’s how some people will be fighting for the sack of unqualified teachers… but those who are fighting for the sack don’t see how important it is to remove quack journalists from damaging the integrity of the 4th Estate. It’s ok to let the journalistic integrity go to rot… but quack teachers must go! Thieves who are politicians can refund money… but the thieves who are mekunus must go to jail’.