There are stars and there are stars. I won’t tell you that stars are born or stars are made. Everyone should pitch their tents wherever is best suited for them. But what I’ll tell you is that you can be a star. Only that it depends on the kinda star you wanna be.

Today, many want to be quick, cheap stars, looking to do any and every thing that cuts the process of hardwork (learning, unlearning, relearning) and endurance. Stars naturally were designed to shine be it differences in time or seasonal changes. And this common trait has often times been mistaken by those aspiring to be. Longevity should be the focus of everyone who desires to shine but sadly, many have staked that for temporary reign and periodical fame. What we have now are one-hit wonders while some have phased out into oblivion because they didn’t have what it took to stand the healthy compete outside here.

Plateau Got Talent is a 3-day Talent Competition poised to identify, Drill, Test, encourage, promote and select the cream of the Emerging exceptional talent in music, Dance and Comedy. The competitions would display raw genius and giving opportunity to albeit unknown young but talented people. It is Unbiased and no Prejudgement has being made, this is strictly base on Merit. The competition will be premiered on national TV, Radio houses, online and offline media platforms in Nigeria for the massive recognition of all our contestants.

So, are you talented? Do you think you have the Charisma and Aura to be a Star? Are you ready to give it whatever it takes to take your Career to the Next Level? Then, this is a Magnificent opportunity you should never miss. Purchase the Form and Be part of the Competition.

Forms: N5,000

1st PRIZE: 200k and promotion deal for a year and brand endorsement.

2nd PRIZE: 100k Plus one year promotion deal.

3rd PRIZE: 50k

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Supported by Plateau State Government

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For more info please call any of these numbers 08034478583, 08036615288,
08053883434, 08053897858

The sky Awaits you!!!