It’s quite unfortunate, Nigeria is a nation without heroes. As a matter of fact, Nigeria kills her heroes. Conversely, this is a nation that glorifies perfidy and perfidious elements. That is why the Nigerian parliament in both the upper and lower houses harbours persons of questionable personage as tenants, some of who are either recycled despots, political jobbers or criminal masterminds who in a free and fair election will have no business representing their present constituencies.

Nigeria has been on fire ever since we gained independence, from coups to counter coups to polgroms to democracy and dictatorship and now another democracy era. But democracy has not been what the colonialists told us…it has been tough and the fire still burns, the only difference is that the fire is burning democratically.

But we know we need change…we need to stop the fire but sadly the only fire extinguisher around is also on fire…

Cheers to us for our pessimism! Do you want this country to be better? Of course, you do! But you believe it is not possible. You have accepted and settled for the fact that things will never get better. We keep waiting for snow to fall in a desert. We vote in people that steal from us. What does that make us? Victims or accomplices?

Cheers to us for being a country filled with hypocrites. If we were not hypocrites, we would not be a religious country that had a high rate of corruption.

Seriously, with all the prayers, fasts, and vigils one would expect that things would get better. Are we praying wrongly? We have more religious centres than factories. There are more well-furnished churches than well-equipped technical schools. Our educational system has not been changed to suit our current needs. Students in secondary school are learning “Shorthand”. Our legal system, which would have effectively fought corruption, is one of the greatest enabler of this social ill. Our healthcare system is warped! How many of us have health insurance?

So many things are going awry in Nigeria, but we have allowed religion to be an opiate to us. We keep waiting for a deity to make things better, but we are not making an effort.

Please lets #Staywoke and Fix up our lives. #VoteWisely