There is a new TV show coming to your screen soon, its called “Living Cell”. Believe me when I say this, prepare to be astonished.

The movie #LivingCell is a campaign pioneered by Legendary Mixer, with support from Jos Entertainment Forum to wage war against “sickle cell anaemia” While showcasing Plateau state tourism and entertainment. This Campaign also seeks to unite entertainers in Jos to create awareness on certain issues that bothers human existence.

living cell (1) living cell

The overriding fact about Living Cell” is that Legendary Mixer must be highly applauded for producing a film on sickle cell anaemia, which is preventable when intending couples with the sickle cell trait agree to part ways instead of subjecting their progeny to untold suffering and premature deaths.  Since films educate and inform apart from offering entertainment, Living Cell reinforces the conversation initiated by Mortal Inheritance almost two decades ago, a discourse which the Nigerian society did not pay strict attention to since people, even prominent and well placed individuals, continue to give birth to children with sickle cell….

Living Cell Coming Soon!!!


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