I met the dude when school was beginning to make sense. With the way things were I was learning and growing up faster than most of my age mates, I was only 13 then. After evening dinning that fateful day, I walked to my prep class with my friend and we felt so happy gossiping about the day’s events and at the same time I was conscious of the fact that I had to walk in a way that my hips would sway seductively…which hips? oh! The evil thoughts that had already clouded my mind at such a tender age.

We entered the class and settled down for more gossip when a junior student entered the class and said I was being called upon…by who? For what? What did I do this time? I was always getting into one trouble or the other. My heartbeat reduced from racing to skipping by a beat when I was told it was a tall senior, a boy for that matter. I walked out of the class calmly straightening my compound ware as though I wanted to drag it down to cover those thighs that I revealed purposely.

Well I was shocked to see the guy in front of the class waiting for me with his wingman I suppose they whispered to each other as I approached and nodded their heads like in approval of a new car they had just bought. I said hi as soon as I reached to avoid awkwardness, he smiled, he knew I was shy.

‘I have been watching you for a while now, you’re beautiful and I will like you to be my girlfriend’.

I was shocked that a guy could be that bold.. really…I said I would think about it as if I hadn’t made up my mind to date him already, there was just something about him that kept tugging at my tender heart to just say yes right away…silly huh? Maybe it was the way his trousers were down almost at his ankles…just kidding. Or maybe it was the strong emergency perfume or the easy wear he had washed so hard almost wearing it out… I’m sure it was to impress or probably it was his haircut. All I knew then was…. I am in love with this guy and nothing will make me say no.

I had to run back to class because the staff on duty was already out. I couldn’t read throughout. It was just him (name him) clouding my mind throughout preps. He sent me a letter that night expressing his love for me and before I went back to my dorm I had already started dating him in my heart.

Days went by and after so much yeye forming and advice from my friends I said yes under a mango tree he gave me a hug, yes, he held me by my tiny waist and pulled me to him… I held him close like I was never going to let go. I felt his rock hard chest as my still growing breasts pressed hard. I can’t explain the feeling but I know he drew back first…he was so happy and made all the dating vows.. I would never hurt you..blah!blah!!blah!!! I thought I had found love till he started showing his true self…. He showed me what hurt felt like, he showed me pain… His name?

You’ll find out. …

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