On Friday, September 28, 2018 and Sunday 30th, “The Nigerian Military, like demons on a mission, went berserk and grievously shooting civilians in Jos”.

Nigerian soldiers have a routine pastime of descending heavily on innocent Nigerians whom they see as mere subjects to be abused and brutalized, sometimes without any provocation but for just being ‘bloody civilians’.

People In Jos are suffering gross abuse from the men in green, whose colour of uniform is supposed to depict life but has recently, mostly and unfortunately, become a symbol of brutality, terror and death.

The venom with which the Nigerian military descended upon the helpless and hapless citizens of Jos(University of Jos students included), not minding that they were helpless Civilians, proves that the bestial act of brutality has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian military.

Many citizens suffer unduly and unjustly in the hands of these octopuses of tears, sorrow and blood parading themselves as soldiers.

It would be recalled that in recent times, the Nigerian army has be heavily criticized both locally and internationally for constant infringements on the rights of civilians. The video of soldiers shooting civilians recently in Jos generated so much heat over the media, stirring dust over the operations of the army and the adherence to military rules of engagement within a civil society.

While one must admit that there are lots of very fine officers and men who are highly intelligent and humane among our military forces, the majority of the bad ones – including senior officers who order, supervise and condone the continued killings and brutalisation of Nigerian citizens – are the ones further dragging the very bad image of the military in the mud. The earlier the military looks inward and does some critical and honest soul searching exercise, the better for them.

It is not too late to begin a radical reorientation of the mindset and psyche of the ‘boys’, which seem to have been battered by the unholy incursion of the armed forces into our politics in the past. Unless this is done, our soldiers might continue to go mad! Its time for the military to save itself from itself!

Report from Eyewitnesses in Jos below;


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