SMG star Tall Cheezy transitions into the realm of artists who have been able to put out a full body of work to their names puts the Jos breed rapper into a new spectrum of artistry, now he has got some level of bragging rights.

Choosing to be called a rapper means you have a lot more to prove. Cheezy’s first EP, with which he used to announce his arrival, wasn’t enough to cut him some slack anymore hence the need for something more convincing.

The entire ‘Intentional Mistakes’ EP for Cheezy is supposed to be about proving his mettle as a rapper or much more his depth as an artist.

INTENTIONAL MISTAKES EP is composed of 8 tracks with 6 features, long enough to keep listeners entertained and make a bold statement.

Now let’s get into the specifics.

Like with any EP, the first track is the probably the most important track on the EP. It can give the audience the incentive to continue, or make the audience switch off and possibly write off the project (premature perhaps). “Crimes of Passion” feat JAYB is almost the perfect ‘first track’ in terms of content, and concept. In many ways it’s almost a signal to the rest of the Nigerian hip-hop world; Tall Cheezy is here. Once you’re pumped up from the first track, then the journey can begin.

‘For Nafi’ a tribute to his mum, introduces us to the EP, it sets the tone of what should be expected. Cheezy chronicles his movement from one point of his career to another. The challenges he faced when his mum was ill. He is more about sharing his reality than throwing punchlines or wordplay.

On ‘Jos Boi’ it feels like it’s Cheezy against the world as the rapper goes hard. He is sleek as a boxer delivering knock out punches though he does it lyrically. A standout tune that would get lots of replays, air plays and commercials.

“Form” signals halfway down the EP. Another perfect collabo on the project, featuring Promphizy and Dr Kozzo.

The energy drops considerably on track 5 “For Bae”. Cheezy shares all the fancies he wants to fulfill with his baby.

On “Pray” you get to see the best of the heavy hitting solid bars and crazy delivery from N.i, Groundzero and Cheezy. They touched on a subject that is rarely (if ever) discussed in Nigerian music. The sheer guts it took to hit up that topic that many might not think is worth discussing is laudable. Did I say the production was A+ also?

And the last collaboration on Intentional Mistakes EP, ‘Don’t Talk’ stars talented Emzzy E. Cheezy and Emzzy brings a smooth sailing vibe on the “Bragging” song. It might get you to hit the replay button again.

Cheezy’s 30 minutes to impress and stamp his signature ends on ‘For Me’. The rapper goes retrospective and alias philosophical on the track. A thank you to his true fans. And an opportunity to say if you don’t still like me I don’t really care, I’m a moving train.

The ‘Intentional Mistakes’ EP comes to a close, the features were good but 6 on this EP seems a little to much as the rapper needed more space to shine.

The most fascinating aspect of this EP has to be the fact that pretty much every song has a different idea, story and message.

And for those expecting Cheezy to go hard or spit literal fire, sorry to say it might never happen. But the rapper can be very impressive on some dope beats. Yet again, Cheezy shows he is more about making some cool music not being called ‘the best rapper’.

Special shoutout to mixers and sound engineers for holding their own in the mixing and mastering of this project.

Download Zip: Intentional Mistakes EP By Tall Cheezy

Joe Heman

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