Beyoncé can’t seem to stay away from the news  these days.

A Kentucky filmmaker is suing her for allegedly stealing ‘Lemonade’ trailer from him.

According to E!Online, the Grammy winner was named a defendant in a New York civil suit alleging she unlawfully copied a short film to make the trailer for Lemonade whose album just went platinum a few days ago.

The Kentucky film maker and TV station creative director Matthew Fulks accused the singer, Sony, Columbia and Beyoncé’s management company, Parkwood Entertainment, of imitating “substantial parts” of his original short filmPalinoiawhich he says he began in January 2014 and completed six months later.

Fulks describes a series of emails allegedly connecting his film with Bryan Younce, Senior Vice President of Video and Content Production at Columbia, to which Beyoncé is currently signed. Younce has been credited with working on the “Formation” singer’s 2013 album, Beyoncé.

Among those “particular elements” are claimed visual similarities like graffiti styles displayed in the background, shots comprised in red and black, the use of parking garages and similar title card screens. Fulks also brings attention to the use of poetry voice over in both as well as the overall similar “heavy, dark, and angst-laden” moods between the two.


Included in Court Documents


Included in Court Documents


Included in Court Documents

According to the court papers, Fulk requests that Beyoncé and the rest of the defendants provide an account of “any and all profits derived from and attributable to their exploitation ofPalinoia including profits from the sales of the Lemonade Album in all media, from all sources, worldwide.” The filmmaker also requested a trial by jury.

This man is asking for a lot, for a trailer. Queen Bey’s legal team needs to get in formation for this one. We hope she gets out this Justin Bieber style.

Beyoncé’s team is yet to make any comment.

Source: E!Online || Images: Hollywood Reporter

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