Hello there! And welcome to my blog series/ diary sessions/ memoir (however you may like to call it).

During the first week of the year 2017, I got motivated by one of my favourite persons in the whole world (Joe Heman) to follow my dreams and passions, and that birthed the idea to start up this memoir. I can’t say I have a full hang of this, but I’m so sure that everyone who follows me on this journey, would never regret it, and would definitely get hooked to this space as I would be sharing with you some of the best and worst moments of my life. Before we start this journey, I’d love to introduce myself (to those of you who don’t know me), and let you in on what to expect from this memoir, and also THE RULES!


A lot of times, I’ve been asked to talk about myself and I never really know how to explain who I am (because I could be really unpredictable, and I tend to have a lot of mood swings and all), but here’s what I do know about myself; I am a young 20 something year old woman (lol! So you really thought I’d tell my age?? You must be joking!) who loves God (more like a God-Chaser!), and is currently  a law student at University of Jos, Plateau S    ate, Nigeria. I love GOOD food ( Semolina and sea food Okro soup is my favourite meal anytime of the day!). I’m an unapologetic lover of music, and I just love to have fun!

I’m also a very single girl, but if you’re a fine boy like Timini Egbuson who loves God like Pst.Toure Roberts & Rev. Philip King, knows how to sing like Timi Dakolo,  plays the guitar like Augsburg, and has that amazing voice like Ik Osakioduwa feel free to hit me up on Twitter   who is into PR, radio (sometimes), and Facebook disturbance (because it’s my account and my data).

That should be all you need to know about me for now. As we go on this journey together, I’m pretty sure that you’d get to know the rest.


This would be a weekly documentation of my life (as stated earlier). The aim of this blog/memoir is to get people into my not so complex life a young woman who just loves to have fun!

During the period in which this memoir would be going on, you’d come across some people who would be talked about a lot (because they’re an active part of my life), and also some places, events, etc.

So before we start this journey into my personal lifestyle, here are some rules to live by as long as this memoir “Hazel’s Chronicles” is concerned!


  1. This is MY online diary and as a result of this, I really do not care about your opinion on how I live my life, and what I post on here. (if e pain you, start up your own memoir!)
  2. I’ll be posting every Saturday, and sometimes it might come later than Saturday (because life as a lawyer is not bread and coke).
  3. I might write in Hausa, Yoruba or Pidgin at points where English fails me (because English is not my father’s language)
  4. This is not an English class, so don’t come here and be correcting my English ( if you see any gbagaun, do yasef a favour and refer to rule 3)
  5. If I say something about you that you don’t like, remember that this is my blog/memoir and refer back to Rule number 1
  6. Majority of my posts would be on life as a girl in Jos, life as a Single Pringle, Events waka, Music Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Friends, and everything else I decide to write about
  7. You’d have to share the links of every post to your social media platforms after each read.
  8. More rules would be formed as we go on.

The Journey officially begins next week Saturday, so wait on it (but if I feel like writing anything before then, lucky you!)

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