Joey of ICE 96.1 FM and radio host, Patris radio had been talking about the clashes of events around Jos industry and I’d bet you this time, he’s done a lot lately to ensure that he contributes his quota in making it work for the entertainers in the Jos industry.
Recently he started a campaign with a harsh tag #StopJosEventClashes, aside that, this has actually been a norm and a conundrum in the industry. Little or less people cared to join, but so far we’ve hard a lot of query about this harsh tags.

He’s taking this bold step in ensuing we’ve a better echoed system of the industry, where it’s more of Partnership/collaborations rather than competition.

He’s actually known for his major concerns for artistes in ensuring they get their contents out for the world to listen and connect.

He’s known for his up rising and most listened hip hop show on radio in the renowned University of Jos, radio station (ICE 96.1 fm) Jos. He’s major concerns are the up coming act, that’s why he’s working on ensuring start ups, artistes, manager should be on the know of how the music business is all about.

How about y’all get to join his tweet chat 26th November 2018 .

He’ll be hosting renowned song writer, Singer and a poet who’s currently a lecturer in University of Jos.

Here’s all you need to know about his host.

Doug Kazé, singer-songwriter, writer, poet and academic, received his PhD in English from Rhodes University, South Africa. He teaches Creative Writing and Literature courses at the University of Jos. He has presented his music, poetry and research in Nigeria, South Africa, USA and UK. He is currently working on his third music album. He is also the author of Eyelash Magic (2011), a collection of short stories. He hopes to make a film one day.

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