CEO/Founder of OlihiSly Alubo” probably took some time out to shop from the biggest super market in Jos during the weekend and wasn’t impressed by the services of a big super market like Onigbinde.

Sly doesn’t just think Onigbinde is the most disorganised supermarket but the worst he has been in.

According to him :

“Is Onigbinde the most disorganised supermarket? I think it’s the worst I’ve been in. Too bad there’s no competition for them”.

Did Sly visit Onigbinde in the wrong time? or he has never been to Flourish because the last time our correspondent visited the two supermarkets, Flourish wasn’t as organised as Onigbinde.

He said “Too bad there’s no competition for them“.

Do we expect a great and organised top notched supermarket from Sly?

We already have Olihi and it’s doing real good.

Hey, don’t forget to come shop, play and connect at Olihi tomorrow the 6th of may 2018.[Mees Palace].

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