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HAPPY NEW YEAR: Lets Go Into 2017 With A Positive Vibes | Joe Heman Blog

May it be your best year yet. May there be no death in your family. May no misfortune befall you or any member of your family. You will be alive to see the end of this year 2017. This year will be a miracle-filled one for you and your family. There will be breakthrough upon breakthrough. You will receive as much as you give. God will never depart from you. Your business will not fail. It will prosper. Your home will not break, it will flourish. Your children will not die, they will live to take

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7 Types Of Nigerian Women You’re Likely To Find

Women are very difficult to understand for a number of reasons which makes it difficult to understand what they actually want. Nigerian women are even more difficult because of the peculiarities that exist in our society but they are nonetheless interesting and beautiful characters that makes our world go round. In truth, there won’t be a need for we men to hustle and work hard if not to be comfortable and successful enough to take care of our women. Nigerian women however come in

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The Reasons Nigerian Men Lie About Their Dating Status

One of the most common things Nigerian men lie about is their dating or marital status. It is common for a lot of men to claim to be single when as a matter of fact they are in a serious and committed relationship. The moment these men are asked if they are in a relationship or not, they will say they are not straight up and come up with a lot of lies to justify their lie when they are caught out. Some of the common lies men tell when they are asked if they are in a relationship or not is

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5 Reasons Men Don’t Take You Seriously

One thing a lot of women fail to realize is that it takes more than just a gorgeous and beautiful outfit to get taken seriously by a man. While dressing is very important, there are still a number of things men look out for in women than good looks and appearance. A beautiful outfit and pretty face will surely get heads turning especially if you’re at an You expect that the men would want you and the women would want to be you. A lot of women dress up in the best outfits in the hopes of

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The Changes That Occur In Your Body When You Fall In Love

If we as human beings never experienced what the feeling of love is we would probably have never been able to create the beautiful and interesting things we enjoy in life. Love is a beautiful and all-consuming sensation that we get to experience in life which in turn makes us create some of the most powerful and entertaining things such as film, music, art, poetry and literature. As a matter of fact, if we don’t feel or experience love, we most likely will be missing out on some of the most

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8 Annoying Types Of People On Everybody’s WhatsApp Contacts (Photos)

We all love WhatsApp. It makes communication easier and we spend less talking about all the things we want to talk about. Here are annoying people on all our WhatsApp contacts. 1. That Person Who Uses WhatsApp Like An Alien These people show their last seen and it’s always a minimum of three months ago. You have to call them if you need them. Never available to chat. 2. That Person Who Is Online But Never Replies Your Message These people ‘blue-tick’ like nobody’s business and

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16 Weirdest Things People Have Bought In Lagos Traffic (Photos)

Nobody loves Lagos traffic.  Half of the time you ask a person who moved away from Lagos the reason for the move, Lagos traffic comes up in the conversation. For some of us however who are in this love-hate relationship with Lagos, we may have to adapt to loving the city and it traffic. After close observation we noticed there are a lot of weird things sold in Lagos traffic. If we’re to be seriously honest, the only things that should be sold in traffic are cold drinks and snacks to attempt

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9 Reasons Why You should Not Rush To Say “I Love You”

We’ve all experienced it. When you really like someone, it’s hard to hold yourself back from expressing your feelings to them. When you’re smitten by someone, chances are, you’d be really enthusiastic about saying ‘I love you’ and making sure that person belongs to you. But sometimes it’s too soon, that other person’s feelings might not have developed like yours and you might scare them away. Here are actual reasons why it’s not advisable to say ‘I love you’ too soon: 1. You will have

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Why Nigerian men will always go after fat ladies (photos)

Nigerian men have their own taste when it comes to women; with this, it will be right to say what works for one man may not work for another. But in considering the reason why a chubby lady will turn heads at a joint, this is relevant. In Africa, men love dating women who have flesh in the right parts. No one basically wants to get poked with bones while trying to have a cozy time with his woman, fat women are pleasing to hold and to have. And being fat does not necessarily represent bloated

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Hehe! See how lady dressed “naked” for award ceremony in Lagos (photo)

On Sunday, November 6, Eko Hotel & Suites was shut down as the most anticipated event, the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), was staged live which had in attendance top music artists from all over Africa. In an unusual manner, the red carpet which is usually held at the lobby of the Eko Convention Centre was switched as the organizers tried something different and had the red carpet at the ‘round about’ of the Hotel. This made music stars, Nollywood stars as well as comedians to take a

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Shocking! Lady cries out, regrets not Sleeping with dead friend (photos)

A Ghanaian lady has been under fire for mourning her dead friend/lover (Bryan) in a weird way. Ghanaian lady, Agyeiwaa Keddy. The lady identified as Agyeiwaa Keddy on Facebook, took to her wall to post a picture of her dead friend adding that, if she knew he was going to die, she would have allowed him have S3@.x:’ with her. She said: “R.I.P Bryan u proposed to me nd I didn’t accept I new u go die like will let u F**.Ck, one pe omg..i cnt stop crying….someone shld help me stop

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Woman bathed with acid after accepting married lover’s proposal (Photo)

A 25-year-old woman, Ogochukwu Nwosu, is in a critical condition at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos State, after she was bathed with substance suspected to be acid. It was learnt that Ogochukwu was at Ilasa bus stop, on the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, when a man allegedly dropped from a motorcycle and poured acid on her. He was said to have jumped back on the motorcycle and fled the scene. The victim, who sustained burns on her face, neck, breast, among

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