After a comprehensive interview with Jason,on what inspired the song Superman he went ahead to share his mind blowing testimony, I believe everyone should read…
“It was 2016 May, had no idea what happened, all I could remember was having a slight headache and 4days later I woke up on a hospital bed with lots of medical stuff attached to me. I was later informed of how I had been in coma for 4days, diagnosed with cerebral malaria ( the most severe neurological complication of infection with Plasmodium falciparum malaria. It is a clinical syndrome characterized by coma and asexual forms of the parasite on peripheral blood smears.)
Medical Reports diagnosed 241 malaria parasites in my head, and as I heard it was enough to kill. But that was their medical not Gods report. At that point in time, there was a lot of money (if you know what I mean) bills accrued up to about 3500 Gh cedis, almost equivalent to N350,000 just for the few days spent.
God had placed in my life people whom I don’t regard to anymore as friends no more but family.
I thank God for the man He has placed over my life Pastor E.L Ndibe, for creating such an atmosphere of Love, where selflessness was key.

Thanks to Pastor Danny Doku of Christ Country international for being there.
After this encounter I knew I had been reborn, I knew there was a transformation, cause mercy said No!
It’s more than what Marvel shows us,
Its more than the flying, God had made me whole again. I’m Superman, and he’s a miraculous God!
The song Superman came through I didn’t know how, the lyrics kept flowing I just saw myself writing, the Holy Spirit was there.
After such an encounter life has never been the same.
My dream is to give people a reason to listen and love Gospel music the urban way, I mean technology is advancing, I feel Gospel music should also advance too, and definitely still having the Holy Spirit as a major partner. I believe we all are products of what we listen to, for every effect there’s always a cause.
I’ve been working on my first EP and believe me it’s going to blow your mind.
My point is this, You’re the best in whatever field you’re in, your life is a miracle, its no magic you’re alive, you’ve got more super powers you have no idea of, “ for ye have the mind of Christ…”




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