MonLee has produced his latest creative work, a single off his coming album, “Made of Music” the original album, a sequel to the intermediate album, “Made of Music” the cover album”. MonLee makes this music through Beatbox and Acapella, without the use of a single musical instrument but his mouth. One Punch Man is about a harmful alcoholic beverage which when consumed causes one to misbehave.
MonLee is a Nigerian Abuja based artist, starting in 2005 in Jos as a music producer popularly known as MonLee. He has produced seasoned artists such as The Isomers Band, Tommy Maverick (whose work is featured on Made of Music Cover Album), Charles DreadHead (Nkemjika) and Yéla, and alongside top notch music producers such as SizzLePro and MacRock. He produced his first personal project, a rap Mixtape in 2014 titled “CubEthics” and a soul EP in 2016 titled “BINI: The Poeatric Dreamer”. He is always working on his next album and connecting with his Essence through music.


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For more information contact MonLee at
Twitter: @monlee_mane
Instagram: @monlee_mane
Facebook: Mon Lee
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