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Donald Trump Lawyers Say He Should Not Be Sued For S*xual Misconduct Because He Is President

Donald Trump's lawyers have argued that he should not be sued for alleged s3xual misconduct - because he is the President. Trump faces a defamation lawsuit brought by former 'Apprentice' contestant Summer Zervos who accuses him of groping her at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007. According to the Hollywood Reporter, in their motion, Trump's lawyers state that they will argue that Trump is immune from the lawsuit under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, which provides that federal

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6 Countries Trump Bans from Entering into the US

President Donald Trump has ordered that the erection of wall along the US-Mexico border begin Wednesday. He said this yesterday as he unveiled his actions on border and national security. He has indicated temporary ban on immigration from Muslim countries deemed a ‘threat to national security’. Trump will also sign other domestic immigration enforcement measures that will include targeting sanctuary cities that decline to prosecute undocumented aliens. The president posted a tweet on

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Donald Trump threatens to send the Feds to Chicago if the killings don’t reduce, takes a swipe at CNN

So far in Chicago, Illinois, there have been 228 shootings with 42 dead this year alone. US president Donald Trump who has always complained about the frequent shootings and deaths of people in the city took to his Twitter account to warn the city, targeting its Mayor, Rahm Emanuel who is  democrat, to do something about it or he will send the feds. Then he congratulated Fox News and mocked CNN. Read what he tweeted after the cut..

“In January, we’re seeing a substantial

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HAPPY NEW YEAR: Lets Go Into 2017 With A Positive Vibes | Joe Heman Blog

May it be your best year yet. May there be no death in your family. May no misfortune befall you or any member of your family. You will be alive to see the end of this year 2017. This year will be a miracle-filled one for you and your family. There will be breakthrough upon breakthrough. You will receive as much as you give. God will never depart from you. Your business will not fail. It will prosper. Your home will not break, it will flourish. Your children will not die, they will live to take

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Kanye West Released From The Hospital

Grammy Award winning rapper and producer, Kanye West has checked out from the UCLA Medical Center where he was admitted on November 22. The rapper was being treated for exhaustion and what was being described as a nervous breakdown after the rest of his Saint Pablo tour was cancelled. Kanye left the hospital in the care of his wife, Kim Kardashian-West as well as his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, who had called 911 the day he was admitted. When asked about his condition, Kanye

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Biggest HIV Vaccine Trial To Commence In South Africa

A new clinical trial is underway in South Africa on an experimental vaccine that could safely prevent HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The study, which is expected to commence on Wednesday, could be “the final nail in the coffin” for the disease if it is successful, scientists say. Nine-year-old boy takes his antiretroviral (ARV) pills at Nkosi’s Haven, south of Johannesburg, South Africa [Reuters]The study, called HVTN 702, aims to enroll 5,400 sexually active men and women aged

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Reactions As Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Leader Of Revolution, Dies At 90

Cuba’s former president and leader of the Communist revolution, Fidel Castro, has died aged 90. “The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening (03:29 GMT Saturday),” President Raul Castro said. Fidel Castro ruled Cuba as a one-party state for almost 50 years before Raul, his brother took over in 2008. Fidel Castro ruled Cuba as a one-party state for almost 50 years before Raul took over in 2008.His supporters said he had given Cuba back to the people.

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Two Saudi Women To Be Flogged For Using Bad Language On Whatsapp

Two Saudi Arabian women have been sentenced to 20 lashes after it was discovered that they used bad language while arguing with each other on WhatsApp. The women were also jailed for 10 days after the criminal court in Jeddah said they had used ‘impermissible expressions’ in their text messages. They were also warned that the punishment would be worse if they used such language again. The case was brought to the Saudi court after one of the women accused her friend of using ‘abusive

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Instagram Adds Live Video To Instagram Stories

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram announced on Monday that they would be adding two new features to their mobile app. The first feature is the introduction of Live video into Instagram Stories while the second feature gives users the ability to send and receive auto-disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Direct. You can easily start live streaming by swiping right from your Instagram feed to open the camera where you’ll find a new “Start Live Video”

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Teacher Impregnated By Her 13-Year-Old Student Pleads Guilty

Alexandar Vera, a former middle school teacher in Texas, who got pregnant after sleeping with her 13-year-old student, has pleaded guilty to sexual assault as part of a deal to avoid being jailed for life. The 24-year-old accused appeared in Houston court on Wednesday and accepted a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Vera, who was an English teacher at Aldine ISD’s Stovall Middle School, accepted the charge, which has a maximum sentence of life in prison, ABC

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I Will Not Take $400,000 Per Year Salary | Donald Trump

Donald Trump seems to be going back on most of his campaign promises which earned him votes. In his first interview since his shock election win, Trump sat down with CBS News’ Lesley Stahl at his Manhattan home to film 60 Minutes. The billionaire businessman will not take the $400,000 salary when he takes office in January.Instead, he will take a nominal $1 as required by law. Addressing his competitor Hillary Clinton , despite branding her a nasty woman during his campaign and vowing to send

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#Trump: Americans Are Calling Today “The New 9/11” On Twitter

Quite a number of stunned and dumbfounded Americans have begun to take to Twitter to express their chagrin after Donald Trump’s victory at the US election – with the significance of the date not going unnoticed. READ ALSO: Donald Trump Is Elected President Of The United States November 9 is written in the USA as 11/9 – the reverse of 9/11, the most devastating day in the country’s history. Almost three thousand people died on September 11, 2001, when four co-ordinated terror attacks rocked

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