As a music critique and an ardent music lover, I’m sure you’d agree that if there was a time Jos music industry actually needs a paradigm shift it is actually right now. Representing not just a country but a continent requires more than just “Yaga” and ” Iyeyeye”. We love it, but it just might not cut it internationally. The importance of good song writers can not be over emphasized.

One of the biggest mistakes most musicians make is they think they can write when they really can’t. Don’t get me wrong here, there’s a difference between a great musician and a great songwriter. Some artistes can’t write to save a fish from drowning and if you’re really being honest with yourself, you’d agree with me. They have to look critically at hiring the best hands considering the group of people in their current circle. You should invest in song writing as much as you’re investing in producers and promoters. A musician should always serve the song, not the other way round. To get this cross over thing right, you have to be able to make music your audience can properly relate with and be part of.

Another area I think is important is management. You needs the best team NOW. You needs people around you who won’t just tell you what you wants to hear because of who you are, but a group of people whose minds and vision are entwined with yours. A team who sees where you should be in the next six months, two years and possibly five years. There should be a plan that is five steps and devoid of errors and silly mistakes. The music industry in other parts of the world isn’t the music industry in Jos. Mistakes aren’t forgiven easily.

You need to know this if your sight is set on world domination.


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