Unknown gunmen on July 27, shot dead one Mr John Agbonlahor in Benin City, raped his only daughter and left his wife partially blind and traumatized.

According to the traumatized widow, Elizabeth Agbonlahor, the masked gunmen stormed their residence on No 5 Adesuwa Street in Benin in an Ash coloured Toyota Camry car at about 9pm on the fateful day, while the family was watching Television.

The assailants rapped, banged on the door  shouting:  “Where is Agbonlahor?”

Scared, they could not open the door, forcing the irate assailants break it down.

“Immediately they found their way into our sitting room, I tried to beg them and to inquire why they were looking for my husband. They shouted at me saying, ‘do you think that we are here to play?’ And they started beating me. In the process, one of them used his gun to hit me on my left eye,” recalled Mrs. Agbonlahor.

Her daughter, Prayer, tried to escape but the men caught her. Upon hearing his daughter’s desperate scream for help, Mr Agbonlahor rushed to the scene but he was shot on the chest and died on the spot.

Mrs Agbonlahor said after shooting her husband, the gunmen fled, leaving her in severe pair.

“I could not imagine seeing my husband killed in my presence, after raping my daughter. I was also in great pains because of the injury on my eye. However, I managed to report the matter to the police who arrived at the scene and deposited his body at the mortuary, while my daughter was taken to the hospital for treatment.”

The bereaved woman is yet to come to terms with the tragedy.

“In fact, I am dumbfounded at the whole thing. Now, I have been made to become a widow overnight, my daughter was assaulted, while I am partially blind. What is my offence?”

Mrs Agbonlahor has relocated to their village with her daughter for fear of her husband’s killers would return to eliminate them.

An extract from the Crime Diary of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Edo State Police Command, dated July 27, 2017 and signed by Mrs Carol Onyeka Afegbai, CSP, confirmed the incident.

Source: Daily Sun

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