Kumser Victor Auta, popularly known as Uptimist is an Artist with SIDELNRS. He was born on the 8th day of December wielding the scepter of worldwide impact in the form of music. He believes that there is nothing more powerful and influential than the very raw and real essence of music, in whatever form it is delivered.

This precept steered him radically into various facets of the art. However, there was a special, somewhat mysterious bond he had for Hip-hop and RnB which seeped into the recesses of his mind, ridding him of his fears and placing his strengths on a pedestal. Uptimist is a young man with a passion for art and a vibrant appetite for Hip-hop. He discovered his love for art and creating good music at the age of twelve and by the age of 15 he wanted to become a rapper after watching Eminem’s 8 mile film.

He began to dig deeper into this newly found world and kept getting more amazed by the spirit of excellence and grace possessed by his music role models.

Since then, he has released his debut single, “W.H.PH” feat MC Mute in 2015 with a scintillating, heartfelt follow-up single titled “Unashamed” which were both widely acclaimed and well received. He then put out few more singles and decided to drop his first mixtape titled “Project Uptimism” co-produced by TouchLight Music, Logic, Tubase and Kestrel on the 11th of December 2016.

After the release of the mixtape, it gained attention in the underground hip hop scene around the Northern parts of the country and was later nominated for the Kaduna best album of the year at the Selah Entertainment Awards in December 2017.

He has also worked with a myriad of other extraordinary artistes like Jayzlar, Skiffy, Vblaiz, Maggie Okoh, JB etc.

Early 2018, Uptimist started SIDELNRS(An independent record label and publishing company) “Growing up as a kid people always kept me by the side, not taking me seriously because they felt I was not that “good” for no gaddamn reason. But everything changed when I thought of the people who supported me, the people who told me to never give up on the dream, The SIDELNRS”.

Uptimist is currently working on probably one of the most anticipated song of 2018 which he named “U N R E A L”. Produced by ILLKONECT, with a few other unnamed surprises from him yet. To gear us up for his forthcoming project next year 2019, lets anticipate “Unreal”. Dropping 23rd December 2018.

Uptimist is definitely someone to watch out for.

You can follow him on Facebook as Uptimist Auta or Twitter and Instagram as @Uptimist_

Checkout his mixtape “Project Uptimism” on Soundcloud

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