Some people believe that we all have have doppelgangers, but what happens when one is popular and wealthier than the other?.

This is the case with Nigerian singer Joshua Iniyezo, better known by his stage name SolidStar Isoko or simply SolidStar. News have been going round that SolidStar‘s look alike has been impersonating the Oluchi crooner and getting away with crime.

Emily who is a fan of Solidstar, took a picture with the impersonator and posted it online tagging it; “Awesome day, it was fun meeting @officialsolidstar”.

Solidstar was quick to respond putting an end to the fakes parade;

“I have seen this guy, I even accepted him the first time I saw him, but now I have been hearing different stories of how he goes around claiming to be solid baba, pls ya all beware of this fraudulent solid baba there s only 1 solidstar.”


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