In what may fast be becoming an annual tradition, superstar songstress Malvina brought her high wire live act to Jos, Nigeria. The much anticipated event took place on the 7th of July 2017, at 18th Street Lounge which was tastefully made ready for top celebrities, young socialites and entertainment fans alike. The Malvina’s “A Night to Remember” instantly became the celebrity haven for the night as Nigeria’s top music stars, TV and radio personalities graced the event that was a perfect blend of style, class and music.


The event started on time, the event’s host band, opened the show with catchy sing along melodies powered by a display of terrific instrumentation, carefully curated by Malvina to complement her vision.

The performances were placed at intervals to allow for the sumptuous variety that the night promised as the fast rising alternative/soul torch bearers proceeded to give stellar accounts of themselves. The audience also enjoyed combustible poetry performances from Jos finest poets.

Malvina started tentatively at first as she studied her audience, each minute that went by had her easing into her flow even as she soaked up the pure joy and love she was getting. Malvina grew more comfortable and more daring; singing, emoting, and performing like the audience had every reason to expect.

Every Malvina’s song is more than just a piece of music, but a slice of personal life, to be singularly internalized and memorized forever. And to be regurgitated on demand.

One of the finest things about Malvina’s artistry is that while she is capable of churning out hit singles and booming, infectious choruses with the best of them, all of her studio records remain encompassing musical experiences where attention is dispatched to the tiniest detail. Every sound, note and click falls into place. She could make a career dishing out hit singles by the numbers but that would be too easy. The music matters, as it should.

In between all that sonic overdose, there were moments when Malvina tried to relate with the audience. And she wasted no time at all elevating the mood with the boundless demented energy of Lust.

In between two hypnotizing costume changes(funky, wing tipped outfits she likes to wear) plus displays of her deftness, Malvina gave the audience value for money and an intoxicating experience to last a lifetime.

Her Lust remains her most popular record and the audience sang their hearts out to the beating rhythm of it, and when she closed the show in spectacular style, there was no legitimate argument against the greatness of her legacy.

Malvina’s “A Night To Remember” is after all said and done, an experience that is better lived through, even if for only three hours of a lifetime. While saluting her band, collaborators and supporters at the end of the show, Malvina teased out the possibility of staging yet another show soon. Splendid, as there really should be no rest for Malvina and her team, until every single Nigerian that is able to, familiarizes themselves with the majesty of her near perfection. ‘Tis the burden of excellence.


Reviewed by Joe Heman

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