Happy Monday, folks!

It’s been a dull weekend for many people, so sit back and relax as you read my letter to her.

Dear Next and hopefully Last,

The truth is I don’t even know where to start from because I have a whole lot of things to say to you love but I would just drop a few and would love to tell you the rest in person.

First of all (you have to know how to go down low), you have to be beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, intelligent and every other adjective used to describe beauty and have a little bit of meat in the right places if you know what I mean. That’s the only way I can get attracted to you in the first place.

I’ve had a lot of bad relationships in the past, not all of them were bad though, some were good and even the bad ones had the good times. But none of my exes understand me the way I know you would. I’m not saying I’m a saint or I didn’t have part blame for the failed relationships, but nobody is prefect, right? You see peaches, I’m a dark, dirty minded, twisted person with a lot of disturbing things that go through my head but in between that is SDH (Short, dark and handsome), wonderful, caring, loving and romantic. I’m just gonna stop there so that I won’t come off as sounding gay or over doing it!!! Anyways I know I’m not and my D has a sure fine way of telling you that :-D. Sometimes I just wanna stay locked up in a dark room alone for hours without any form of disturbance, shut everything out and relax a little. I might strike you as weird but that’s just me. I’m like an onion, in the term that with every new layer comes a different and beautiful side of me that you would grow to love, you might find a bit off sometimes but there one thing that I can assure you I’ll never do, it’s to make you cry like an onion would. Truthfully, no man deserves your tears, not even me, the only one who does won’t make you cry.

I’ve been single for some time now, I’ve been waiting for you. The truth is, my last relationship left me scarred in every sense of the word and I’m a little more scared of a commitment than I was before my last relationship, but you sweetness, you gonna change all of that. You gonna love me for who I am and my flaws and in return I’m gonna shower you with it so much that people would use us as the definition of LOVE. We all come with emotional baggage, I know that. I’m not gonna judge you for what you’ve gone through before me or how you dealt with them. I’m just gonna love you for who you are, both inside and out.

Baby, I’m still finding a way to out, I’m hustling for a better life. Trying to make that money so I won’t be able to give you as much as I would love to right now but I know you would understand and support me in my endeavours and pray for me.

I love PDA (Public Display of Affection) and cuddling naked more than you can imagine. I like a girl who can communicate without a problem and can keep up intellectually with me, finger my brain a little and make me think about things. You’ve gotta be smart. I know we are gonna fight and have disagreements but its only gonna make us stronger and I look forward to our make up sex! Communication, trust and love is all we need to make this work love.

Cuddles love, if eventually you turn out to be my last then I would be more than grateful to God. Like I said, I’m on the road to success and I need your support, I’m at a point where my major priority in life now is to become successful for us. To make a lot of money for us so we can always have that dream life we wanted. I’ve seen the finer things this life has got to offer and we are not gonna miss out on enjoying them, at all, not in this lifetime, by the grace of God. I would want to provide for our kids everything they’ll ever need, take trips like we stepping out of our home, visit beautiful places all over the world.
Above all, God willing, we would love like never before till our last breathe.

Till we meet,
Yours lovingly,
Joe Heman

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Joe Heman is a dynamic being with a multi-faceted personality allowing him juggle his accounting discipline alongside a thirsty passion for the arts, music and writing. With so much to give, he doesn’t just want to be seen, he wants to be heard and by whatever means possible.


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