The OneNationNigeria project is a belief principle that is geared towards the awakening of the political consciousness of a people and her responsibility to self, society and generation.

It is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that strives to partner with other such NGOs and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in pursuit of the actualisation of its objectives.

OneNationNigeria is a political project aimed at awakening in the people, the domiciled but docile power in numbers for the actualisation of democratic ends.

We, THE PEOPLE, must rise up independently but also in unison to fulfil DESTINY through a determined effort to understanding the VISION of our created nation as an entity for the manifestation of its PURPOSE. Only then can our VOICES be heard, respected and our collective will and wishes adhered to.


We are all independent ‘nations’ within our being. We cannot maximise destiny if we limit our exploits and reach to dependency.
We as a collective must make democracy come alive.
We must save our nation. We must take it back to where it ought to be.
We must rise up, shun apathy and be counted.
There is power in numbers!

1. To bring out the root causes of our divide and try to proffer working solutions for its actualisation.(Rich-Poor, ethnic, tribe, religious and flawed political structure dichotomy)
2. Develop easily assessable and comprehensible voter education templates.
3. To awaken in the people, her role as electorates with regards to her civic duties as a complement to responsive leadership.
4. To imbibe in the people the knowledge of the workings of the primary systems; Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.
5. To ignite in the system, a fire for exercising power by taking advantage of her numerical strength in followership to getting things done.
6. To promote a total adherence and subjection to the rule of law.
7. To promote a call for the development and respect for institutions above personalities.


“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything” –Albert Einstein

To achieve its objectives, the OneNationNigeria project will employ the following methodology.

1. Mass Mobilisation
• Building up of project drivers
• Registration
• Identification and appointment of target persons
• Establishment of coordinators
2. Enlightenment campaigns
• Seminars
• Symposia
• Outreaches
• Campaigns
Using both online and physical platforms
3. Interactives
• With other NGOs and CSOs
• With political organisations
• With democratic institutions
• With contemporary organisations;
-market women/traders
-motorcycle association
-student groups and unions/organised labour
1. Global Coordinator (GC)
2. National Coordinator (NC)
3. Diasporian Coordinator (DC)
4. National Zonal Coordinators (NZC) (6 geopolitical zones)
5. State Coordinators (SC) (36 States and FCT)
6. State Senatorial Zonal Coordinators (SZC)
7. Local Government Coordinators (LGC)
8. Ward and Polling unit Ambassadors (WPA)

1. Planning, Research and Statistics
2. Mobilisation
3. Logistics
4. Legal
5. Info tech and telecoms (web and social media administrators)
6. Finance and administration

1. Formal unveiling, independence march and fire conference. 1st. October 2017
2. National Zonal Conferences. 24/25 November 2017
3. End of year conference to review, appraise and project for the next year. 29/30 December 2017. Abuja.

Civic Responsibility:
Civic responsibility simply refers to the responsibility of a citizen to his community and how best the application of this responsibility can positively affect the community.
It is comprised of actions and attitudes associated with democratic governance and Social Participation. Civic responsibility can include participation in government, that is, taking a more than passive interest in the workings of government, critical analysis, advisory etc. Its actions can be displayed in advocacy of various causes, such as political, economic, civil, environmental or quality of life issues.
Since no government can exist or accomplish favourably its tasks without the governed, the act of civic responsibility is therefore a necessity in the successful execution of intended development projects of any administration.
When the people begin to take more than a passive interest in what happens around their environment with actions and attitudes geared towards the effective monitoring of its common wealth, an effectively progressive society is born.
The bane of any democracy is the apathy tendencies attributable to the followership or electorates as the case may be. This is derivable largely due to failures of democratic institutions to fostering the right will of the people at elections but “Planting” whomever the Paymasters anoint.
This negative response by the people have in so many ways created for the failures in democratic institutions since the right people are never seen occupying the offices so designated for them by the people.
The failure therefore by the people is directly responsible for the failure of a state. Show me a failed state/leader and I will show you a people who have shifted away from its civic responsibility especially in the area of positive political attitudes.

This is our core value and this is what we must all rise up to correct.

#OneNationNigeria Project

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